Ghana: NGB runs Africa' first Digital Terrestrial Television Media Academy


With an event in Accra on 22 October 2010, Ghana became the location for Africa's first Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Media Broadcasting Academy. The Academy will be operational by the end of the year and will ensure the necessary skills and training for Ghanaians to facilitate the smooth transition of television broadcasting from its present analogue technology to digital.
Yvonne Osei-Tutu, Country Manager of Next Generation Broadcasting (NGB) in a statement said her company in collaboration with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) will provide the necessary support for a smooth implementation of the migration process from analogue to digital. GBC and NGB’s Smart TV recently partnered Kumasi Asante Kotoko with the airing of the Kotoko TV effective next month as part of their contribution to the development of football in the country.
"Television is moving from analogue transmission to digital, providing viewers with better quality pictures and great sound and programming of their choice. In the new digital environment, we all need to enhance our skills and we at NGB are happy to help in that process.
"It is imperative to enhance the capacity and competence of the people working in the industry. We will seek to collaborate with existing institutions like the universities, GBC, the industry, NAFTI and others to champion this cause."

The statement added that the Academy will aid in setting high standards within the industry when the country is fully migrated as it will also build the desired competencies with DDT broadcasting industry in the country.
It further stated that the co-founder of NGB Ghana, Joe Frans, a-Ghanaian-born Swedish Member of Parliament will visit the country next week to present details of the project to the relevant Government institutions.
"NGB is in Ghana to stay and so it is logical that we find ways and means of making a positive contribution towards the country's developmental agenda. I'm also looking into the possibility of bringing other investors to support our production industry. We have such a fantastic crop of creative talent in our country and we need to support them," the statement added.