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A UN expert touted broadband as a catalyst for growth but reminder that Africa is the last internet continent. Based on the latest statistics from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), its Secretary-General Hamadoun Touré said that broadband is “the next truly transformational technology which can generate jobs, drive growth and productivity and underpin long-term economic competitiveness.”  The number of worldwide Internet users has doubled in the last five years and will surpass the two billion mark this year.  The number of people with access to the Internet at their home has increased from 1.4 billion last year to almost 1.6 billion this year, and 162 million of the 226 million new Internet users are from developing countries, where Internet users grow at a higher rate. By the end of this year, 71% of those in developed countries will be online compared to 21% in developing countries. Regional differences are pronounced however: 65% of Europeans are on the Internet, but only 9.6% of Africans. In Africa the penetration rate for fixed broadband is less than 1%.

- As part of its on-going development in Africa, Grass Valley is supplying a turnkey high-definition TV production studio, complete with cameras, video production switcher, routers and a shared-storage editing environment to Multimedia Group (MGL), operators of Multi TV (a new digital satellite multi-channel TV station) based in Ghana.