South Africa’s NFVF invites producers to apply for co-production status under France-SA agreement

On the 4th November 2010, The National Film and Video Foundation have invited South African producers to apply for co-production status under the Agreement between the Government of the Republic South African and the Government of the French Republic concerning the co-production of films. The agreement was signed in Cannes, France on 16 May 2010. All formalities between the South Africans and French have been completed. In terms of the treaty, the NFVF is the competent authority in South Africa, while French producers must apply to the CNC. The definition of film (Article 1 of the agreement) of the SA/France is different from that of the prior treaties with Canada, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. The definition recognises any type of film whether fiction, documentary or animation of any length that complies with applicable South African and French statutory or regulatory provisions. The film’s first showing must be in cinema. The call for applications for approval of co-production status in terms of SA and French Republic/ France concerning co-productions of films is now open. Application forms, the agreement and co-production guidelines are available on this link: Completed application forms and supporting documents must be sent to: Mr. Terrence Khumalo Private Bag X04, Northlands, 2116 or Application by French producers will be handled by the following department: Service du soutien a la production et a la distribution Direction du cinema Centre national du cinema et de L’image animee (CNC) 12, rue de Lubeck 75784 Paris Cedex 16 For any inquiries, contact Mr Terrence Khumalo on 011 483 0880 or