Canal + launches ”+ d’Afrique“ infotainment mag


In a November 2010 communiqué, “Canal + Afrique” was pleased to announce the launch of “+d’Afrique”, a new weekly show broadcast on Friday evening on Canal + Africa. Sylvain Beletre of Balancing Act interviewed key participants of this new infotainment TV programme during the press launch. If you have missed the launch, watch key highlights here:

Tailor-made for customers of Canalsat Horizon in Africa, the magazine is a 52 minute infotainment programme in French which aims to be both entertaining and informative about African cultures.
+ d’Afrique consists of a team of journalists, presenters, columnists and comedians, all of African origin: the show is hosted by Robert Brazza. He is surrounded by Emma Adiei, Maryse Ewanje-Sword, Bibi Tanga and Mamane. Brazza is also supported by a team of journalists providing news and feature items.

Together, they will host a guest who has a very strong link with Africa such Pape Diouf, their guest for the first edition. Guests will come from the cultural, sporting, economic or voluntary scene in Africa. With a fresh and humorous angle, they will discuss “Africa on the move”, a creative and changing continent.
Various news and reports will punctuate the show:

- « Ca bouge » ("It moves"): supported with videos and interviews, Emma Adiei focuses on hot locations and fashion. She speaks of Africans who dance, sing, exhibit, create and dress while showing viewers relevant places in Africa.
- « Coup de cœur, coup de gueule » ("love or yell"):  Maryse Ewanje-Sword will highlight what she loves or hates. A movie, a book, an events, news, a character ... Depending on her mood of the day, she will cry foul or share her enthusiasm.
- « Un destin Africain » ("An African destiny"): portrays a personality or a stranger who has decided to engage in their own way for a better Africa.
- "Afrik'Art": Under this topic, the artistic creation of the African continent will no longer be secret. Afrik'Art aims at meeting new talents from all contemporary art disciplines in most countries of sub-Saharan Africa.
- "MAG": This section decrypts Africa’s current social, cultural or economic news and trends...
- « MUSIQUE »: Bibi Tanga, a musician and a “fine connoisseur” of music news share his views on the current African music scene.

Via, fans will find all the latest programme news with exclusive interviews, news reports ... but also a replay of the entire show the day after its release. A Facebook page of the programme is also available and enables more interaction with the magazine’s producers (Canal+ and Libero Films) and presenters.

 “Canal + Afrique” is a pay-TV operator delivered by satellite across Africa. Present in over 20 countries in Central and West Africa, the operator commercializes Canalsat Horizon in Africa with more than 80 TV and radio channels including 16 public and private national African TV channels and 14 radios.