Broadcast News - In Brief


- New programme “Spotlight” is a 45 minutes entertainment review showing live in the studios of TV3 (Ghana, Accra) every Fridays. Sensitive issues, Misconceptions, wrong reports from newspaper journalists are reviewed by two knowledgeable entertainment analysts.

- There is a hot programme at KBC Channel 1 (Kenya) – “Jee huu ni ungwana” - a humorous rebuke for the members of the public who are a nuisance to general order, good behaviour and other social norms. Vintage presenter Mambo Mbotela who has been associated with the programme for decades aptly discusses the perennial bad behaviour that infects both adults and later their children with the undying hope that society can shape itself with this gentle-return-to-good-manners call. This week, Mambo explores the bad behaviours of people using their mobile phones.