WTS on a technical mission to improve film quality in Nigeria

Technology & Convergence

Goddie Ofose from the Daily Independent (Lagos) reported on 1 November 2010 that
broadcast companies and their adjuncts in Nigeria will receive foreign support to produce programmes that would be able to match those of their counterparts in many advanced countries of the world.

This was the position of Well Trade Services (WTS) Broadcast Nigeria Limited; the Nigerian arm of an established United Kingdom (UK) based broadcast equipment company, at an interaction with journalists recently.

The company, an audiovisual equipment production firm, stated its readiness to assist Nigerian local players in the deployment of latest, best-in-class technology that will help them bring the quality of their products to the same level as those found in most developed parts of the world.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Africast 2010 (19th - 21st October 2010) Exhibitions held at the Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Abuja, General Manager, Africa, WTS UK Limited, Ian Cunliffe said the company, which launched operations in Nigeria in 2009, would ensure the availability of the best products locally to ease acquisition by broadcast companies in Nigeria.

Cunliffe, who assumed duties in Nigeria a few weeks ago, recognised the latent creative energy of Nigerians and said with the technology that WTS would make available, the industry will witness massive improvements in terms of quality of output and timeliness of delivery. He promised that Nigerian broadcast firms would be availed of the newest technologies that would make the job of newsgathering easy and qualitative.

Among the latest technological equipment the company is making available to the Nigerian broadcast environment are the TVU Pack and Robotics Camera; tools that Cunliffe said are the latest in the world. The TVU Pack, he explained, is a miniature Outside Broadcast (OB) van that could be effectively moved around with ease.

He described the TVU Pack as gadget that is as small as a backpack and could use mobile broadband wireless circuit aggregation to send television signals from remote locations to the studio.


"The TVU Pack is the perfect tool for unfettered broadcasting," Cunliffe said. "With this, you do not need OB vans. It is a fully self-contained content capture and broadcast solution with its own on board power and data transmission capability. With this, broadcast professionals can capture news and cover events from locations not previously accessible to reporters. You can move within crowd and even operate from a moving vehicle."

Cunliffe said apart from its small size, the TVU Pack also comes at a small fraction of the cost of acquiring OB vans, cheaper to store and manage as it required no driver and takes little or no space and very easy to configure.

On the Robotics camera, Cunliffe described it as the latest from the stable of Sony Broadcast Systems and was designed to meet the challenges of covering events that require minimal interference. He said the camera has been designed specifically for the coverage of concerts, conferences and religious events as well as at education facilities where the movement of cameramen interferes with what is going on.

"With the Robotics camera, the cameraman just sits comfortably and manages the operations of the camera with a remote control," he explained.

Acquiring the products, he continued, has also been made a lot easier as the company has structured a programme that would enable those who might not be able to pay for the products to take up the options of loaning the equipment or leasing them. This, he said, would be at comparative costs.

"We are offering a partnership that has not existed previously in the Nigerian market and we are sure that before we run our programmes for two years, Nigerian broadcast organisations would easily compare with the best in Europe, Asia and the United States in the area of technology and quality of production. You have very competent and creative people here and they have not been working with the best technology available. But with us, this is certainly bound to change," he stated.

The WTS chief said the company understands the challenges of the Nigerian broadcast environment and is bringing its experiences in other countries to bear on its Nigerian operations.

He said with WTS in Nigeria, broadcast companies do not need to travel abroad for the procurement of the best equipment since the latest and the best are stocked in-country with training programmes and after sales support that has never been witnessed in the country previously.

WTS Nigeria is a product of a partnership between WTS UK and Creazioni Nigeria Limited, a professional broadcast solutions company. The company commenced operations in Nigeria in 2008 to take advantage of opportunities in Nigeria in the media business. The company already has offices in Lagos and Abuja.