Vanguard Online Edition reported on the 20 most influential Nigerians back on Oct 10, 2010. Among them, we noticed a media professional, Biodun Shobanjo.
Vanguard stated: “Biodun Shobanjo is the CEO of the new reality tv series “The Apprentice Africa”. Born some 63 years ago to a peripatetic civil servant, the Shobanjo family’s peregrinations imbued the young man with a cosmopolitan world view and his early experience as a broadcaster prepared him for life as an advertising practitioner.

Biodun Shobanjo, who rose to the post of Deputy Managing Director of Grant Advertising before his 30th birthday, co-founded Insight Communications (now Insight Grey) in 1979 and has today grown the company from the initial 18 man strong team into an advertising behemoth.

The Troyka Group which is the holding company for Insight, SKG2, Optimum Exposure, Media Perspective, MediaCom, Quadrant and Halogen amongst others employs over seven thousand Nigerian men and women.

Biodun Shobanjo attributes his success to a fierce determination and a steely can-do attitude. “I was young when I left Grant advertising and young people are very daring, so it didn’t cross my mind that I wouldn’t make it. Again, without meaning to be immodest, I really have never failed in my life. If you’re not used to failing you don’t even contemplate failure.”

The ever dapper and sartorially elegant man of style says there are four essential elements for success and he lists them as “Professionalism. The other is honour. The third is integrity. The fourth is passion. They come in any order but if you have these four things, chances are that you’re going to succeed.” A consummate advertising and marketing communications practitioner, Biodun Shobanjo is a perfect choice for the CEO of The Apprentice Africa because as a believer in people, his business style has favoured a mentoring ambience which has spawned protégés who are leading lights of the advertising and marketing communications industry in Nigeria.

Today, the top 10 CEOs of the top 10 advertising and marketing communications outfits in Nigeria are proud alumni of what admirers love to refer to as the “Insight University.” Biodun Shobanjo brings to the Apprentice Africa almost forty years of top-notch corporate experience, entrepreneurial savvy, multi-disciplinary industry experience and a business maxim founded squarely on the belief that success is not negotiable. As he loves to say: “Winning is not everything. It is the only thing!”

South Africa: NFVF nomination

The Department of Arts and Culture has formally advertised for the nomination of members to serve on the Council of the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF).
.The announcement appeared on weekend newspapers, the Sunday Times and City Press on 03 October 2010. The term of the current Council will end on the 31 January 2011.

Following an NFVF Council meeting held on 02 September 2010, the NFVF would also like to announce that its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eddie Mbalo will retire from his position at the end of the financial year on the 31 March 2011. Mr Mbalo has been the CEO of the NFVF since 2001 and has been credited with the delivery of unqualified audit reports since he launched the institution. He has also been acknowledged for having built the most stable and well-run institution within the Arts sector. The NFVF council has been under the chairmanship of Mrs. Charlotte Mampane for the past three years. As the current Council was appointed in 2007, its term of office should have ended in June 2010.

The NFVF council is appointed by the Minister of Arts and Culture to oversee the implementation of the NFVF objectives, while the CEO is responsible for the management of the affairs of the Council, with the objectives of the NFVF being the primary concern. These objectives include creating an environment that develops and promotes the South African Film industry locally and internationally and to address the historical imbalances in the infrastructure and distribution of skills and resources.