Durban-based Earth-Touch on wildlife and nature broadcast programmes


Established in 2007, Earth-Touch is a Durban- based (South Africa) multimedia company that disseminates its content across multiple platforms, including television networks, video and DVD, the Internet and mobile phones.
Sylvain Béletre interviewed Kelly Starzak, Web Editor at Earth-Touch.

Q: What does Earth-Touch do?

A: We focus on topics relating to natural history and wildlife, particularly nature documentaries. When it was first established, Earth-Touch pioneered a rapid filming and production cycle using high definition (HD) cameras and satellites, allowing our content to be quickly packaged and broadcast to global audiences. We also produced a number of wildlife and nature broadcast programmes that were screened in South Africa and Australia.

Q: What is your focus today?

A: Since 2009, we’ve been producing more traditional wildlife and nature blue-chip documentaries due for release in 2011. Over the years, we’ve built up an extensive archive of HD footage of animal behaviour, filmed primarily in southern Africa, but also Thailand, Antarctica, Indonesia, Brazil, Ecuador and the United States.

Our website ( currently hosts over 2000 wildlife videos and we add new content on a regular basis. The videos are available for viewing and download on a number of new media distribution platforms, including MIRO, iTunes, VUZE and YouTube.”

Q: What are you up to now?

A: “The Earth-Touch website is heading for a revamp soon (with lots of exciting new content planned) – so watch this space! We also have a few upcoming deals but I have to keep that confidential for the time being.