Francophone popular programmes get remakes’ opportunity in Hollywood


Basic Lead, the organisers of the DISCOP television markets (such as Discop Africa, the leading audiovisual content trade show), and The Media Faculty, a Paris-based training consultancy, are launching a new event, The Remakes Market, to premiere from 29 November to 1 December at the Andwaz Hotel in West Hollywood.

To be held twice a year in Los Angeles, The Remakes Market, a biannual, compact, informal gathering, is meant to showcase for three days in the heart of Hollywood, foreign adaptation rights for film, television and literary properties that have already achieved high levels of popularities in their countries of origin.

Patrick Jucaud said to Sylvain Beletre at Balancing Act that in principle, the market is open to all francophone successful programmes including African ones. This year’s event is a test and if it proves successful, relevant communiqués will be released to call all francophone players to the event next year. Content rights owners in Francophone Africa will be in the loop.
This inaugural edition will place a special emphasis on francophone movies, books, TV series and formats that can be adapted by US film and television producers, for domestic and international distribution.

A special homage will be paid to Alain Berheim (1923-2009), one of the great talent agents of Hollywood who came to California from France to represent famous French authors such as Francoise Sagan, Jean-Paul Sartre and Pierre Boulle.

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