M-Net and A24 media enter into partnership


On 3 Nov 2010, A24media announced that it has entered into a partnership with South African subscription-funded television channel, M-Net. The deal gives A24media exclusive rights to distribute M-Net's home videos, Kwela funnies, in the African region.

“Kwela funnies” is a hilarious collection of amateur home videos capturing incredibly funny and unscripted humour. The funny clips are drawn from submissions to Kwela by viewers from across the world.

Highlights of the clips include the cute innocent silliness of children, the almost perfect mimicry of human behaviour by pets and regular pulling funny pranks.
"As Africa's first online content aggregator, we are very excited about the partnership with M-net as it bolsters our content offering in keeping with our broadcasters and audience expectations," said A24media CEO, Asif Sheikh.

A24media currently has a stock of over 150 Kwela funny clips which are available to interested broadcasters from around Africa. The content will be available on all our delivery channels namely, online, mobi sites, and TV broadcast, added Asif.

Mike Dearham, M-net head of acquisitions said, "We are very pleased with our partnership with A24media. At M-net, we continue to look for new credible and progressive partners who can help distribute our content and A24media firmly fits in that criterion."

Meanwhile, A24media has also partnered with the Global Girl Media organisation. The deal will see A24media distribute the organisation's video stories done by teenage girls. Global Girl Media nurtures the voice and self-expression of teenage girls in developing countries and at-risk communities by training them to become citizen journalists, harnessing the power of new digital media to inspire self-esteem, community activism and social change.