AfriqueCanada.TV: portrait of a new WebTV focused on Africa


With the steady arrival of broadband internet capacity on both  African coasts, internet use is due to explode over the next ten years in Africa. There is already a phenomenally high use of the Internet among the 13-34 age range in some parts of the continent, and new African media are being set up on the web.

AfriqueCanada.TV (, a recently launched web TV channel is one of them. Sylvain Béletre from Balancing Act interviewed their CEO – William Muyuku.

Q: What has the company set out to do?

A: The company was created in February 2009 and is located in Montreal, Quebec. It is so far the only webTV located in Canada and focusing on Africa, Canada and the rest of the world.

The purpose is to promote a new Africa, one that moves forwards and is rich in culture and art. We want to raise Africa's profile and give a balanced portrait of the continent internationally. AfriqueCanada.TV is made of a growing team of 14 people emerging from 7 different countries, mostly African ones.

Q: What are your sources of revenues?

A: Our main revenues come from banner ads, paid productions ("publi-reportages" in French) and voluntary donations.
Q: What do you focus on and are your programmes free to watch?
A: Our editorial topics range from news, fashion, cultural events, music, cooking, portraits (“invités de la semaine”) to spiritual shows; All of our TV content is available online for free. Programmes are in English and in French.
Q: What are your current objectives?

A: Our priority is to add Africa's voice and perspective to the diverse media in North America, Europe and around the world.  In order to survive, we are currently looking for companies willing to promote their products and services to our audience. One of our hopes is also to benefit from the upcoming broadband internet boom in Africa so that we can increase our visibility on this continent. For example, African organisations willing to get more visibility in North America should take us into consideration.
Q: What is your audience / web traffic like?
A: We are currently averaging 450, 000 hits per month. Visitors are mostly from Canada, USA followed by Europe and Africa.

Q: For potential clients what is the entry ticket price to advertise with a banner or to sponsor a programme on your webTV?
A: Our fees are reasonable and competitive. We invite potential clients to contact us to get our rate card.
Q: What is your feeling about Africa right now?
The feeling is good. We feel that Africa is about to take its deserved place on the international scene, and it is up to young Africans like us to spearhead this inevitable change through media initiatives such as the one has embarked on.
Q: Do you have any upcoming projects?
A: We have projects to expand further. We would for example like that TV stations broadcast some of our programmes: we have original programmes on fashion and culture. We are interested in being broadcast over satellite to expand our reach.