Cinema tour in Senegal, on a boat


November 30, 2010, reported that two French nationals - Pauline and Yann – went by boat to project African films to Africans, and made a film out of it!

Under the «Aux cinéphiles de l'eau» (" moviegoers on water”) association flag, their boat took them to Senegal. The sailboat, Evaloa, a small "10.30 m vessel, was full to the brim with projection equipment. After a break in Dakar, Pauline Le Péculier and Yann Illien sailed on to Casamance, enjoying the river irrigating many villages to show films in the country.

"We were a little worried at first," says Pauline. “We did not know at all how the people we would encounter would react to our idea of showing films in their country. But we were soon relieved: we realized that it made them really happy. ” A real delight for locals indeed because these villages are obviously not equipped with a cinema theatre. Not to mention the joy of discovery African films, far removed from Hollywood’s mass production. As Pauline and Yann planted their screen, the phrase "village festival" took all its dimensions: "We had fabulous moments, made rare and privileged encounters that we could have never hope as ordinary travellers or tourists."

Their film projection (4 Euros), the film’s DVD (10 €) and pralines, made with peanuts and Casamance bio sugar, will fund the next adventure.

Yann has already started working on the new boat: a 12.30 m steel, is cut for the Atlantic. Contact: tel.+33 or or