Distribution News: In Brief


- Augusta Okon (in ArticlesBase SC #2197492) reported that “the Nollywood marketers who also double as financiers are of the view that sale of movies had declined in recent times and they had to recoup their investments. Movies were sold in Ghana and high sales occurred when Ghanaians acted alongside Nollywood actors. Recently, the swing in the production pendulum from the Nigerian marketers to their Ghanaian counterparts has also been given as one of the reasons for the invasion. Marketers in Gollywood (Ghana’s movie industry) have insisted that for Nollywood movies to be marketed in Ghana such movies must feature their own stars, definitely not roles relegating them to the background, but those that would put the spotlight on them…Ghanaian movies are said to be selling more than Nollywood movies in America... Nollywood movies have suffered a major set back in market sales and hence the marketers are clutching at straws to prevent the drowning process.”