Technology & Convergence News: In Brief

Technology & Convergence

- Toshiba will release "Power TV", small TV sets dedicated to areas where there are power cuts. The TV sets will have a built-in battery allowing 2 hours’ autonomy, ideal for several African regions.

- On Friday, 26 Nov 2010, Screen Africa reported that ICT ministers of the Southern African Development Community announced the outcome of their decision to adopt Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T) throughout the region, at a special session held in Lusaka, Zambia on Thursday, 24 November. General (Ret) Siphiwe Nyanda, former Minister of Communications, dropped a bombshell on the industry in April when  he announced that his department was prepared to challenge the DVB-T standard for set top boxes with a review of an alternative Brazilian-Japanese standard, Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial (ISDB-T).  
Broadcasters and M-Net, SADIBA (Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association) and stakeholders strongly criticised the surprise decision by the DoC. At the time more than R700m had already been invested by the industry and stakeholders in preparation for DVB-T.

- Eutelsat’s CEO Michel de Rosen has confirmed that Thales Alenia Space will build its new W3D satellite to support broadband internet in Africa and digital TV IN Europe. It will replace W3B, lost back in October 2010.