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-  Extraordinary documentary series "Africa (s), another story of the twentieth century" (« Afrique(s), une autre histoire du XXème siècle ») from Elikia M’bokolo - historian; Philippe Sainteny - journalist and Alain Ferrari, recently broadcast on various channels across francophone territories, has received very positive and enthusiastic feedback from viewers. Extracts can be found here  its trailer is available here and the DVD is available for sale here
A full dossier on Africa’s independence can also be found on TV5Monde’s portal here

- The 2011 Palm Springs International Film Festival announced today a new program highlighting African Cinema. This program will premiere 13 new films made in Africa or reflecting contemporary African stories and themes. The showcase reflects the dramatic upsurge of film production across the African continent and the concurrent emergence of exciting new filmmaking talents throughout the region. The films selected programmes include:Africa United (United Kingdom/South Africa/Rwanda); The Athlete (Ethiopa/Germany/USA);  Desert Flower (UK/Germany/Austria); I Am Slave (United Kingdom); Imani (Uganda/Sweden); Kinshasa Symphony (Germany); The Last Lions (USA/Botswana); The Lazarus Effect (USA); Life Above All (South Africa/Germany); Reconciliation: Mandela’s Miracle (USA/South Africa); A Screaming Man (Chad/France/Belgium); and Soul Boy (Kenya/Germany).