TV5Monde broadcast « the night of Africa » to review 50 years of independence


All year long, TV5Monde rallied its audience to celebrate both on its channels and on its website the 50th anniversary of African independence. News reports, special editions, magazines, documentaries, films ... A programming devoted to Africa, to its great historical epics, but also to the future and new challenges facing the continent.

On 18 December, TV5Monde devoted an entire night to the continent, with a TV special "Africa (s), 50 years and what’s next? " (« Afrique(s), 50 ans et après ? » in Fr.) through a tense debate in the presence of numerous personalities, followed by the release of the four episodes of the now popular documentary series "Africa (s), another story of the twentieth century" (« Afrique(s), une autre histoire du XXème siècle »). Here is a video of the evening from an insider: click here

Denise Epoté, TV presenter and director of TV5Monde Africa was surrounded with African players and witnesses, African politicians and politics experts as well as artists to comment on this year's celebrations of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Independence. They revisited this half-century history while evoking some of the prospects available to Africa.

Sylvain Béletre from Balancing Act reported: “this surely was one the most interesting debates that we’ve seen as a result of 50 years of independence in Africa. The debate’s key message seems to be that Africans – especially the young generation – do not want to be directed by ex-colonies anymore. The programme acknowledged that democracy in several African countries has had a high price to pay and that there are still many economically and politically unstable countries. However, participants also recognised that independent Africa is still very young. It seems that the continent wants to turn the page once and for all on “daddy’s Africa”. African thinkers are now looking for a new era, one where African societies will reinvent themselves with pride, with complete freedom from their past ties, thinking and looking at their histories, true roots, cultural talents, analysing their international relations and their current challenges, embracing new currents to design a more promising, a more personal future. And this will take time; Rome was not built in one day.
Further magazines and debates are expected on the topic in 2011 from TV5Monde, with particular highlights on political reforms, economic outlooks, new cultural trends and an opportunity to imagine the next 50 years in Africa.”

Guests of the programmes included: Emile Derlin Zinsou, ex-President of Dahomey (Benin); Henri Lopès, ex-Prime minister of Congo Brazzaville and current Ambassador in France; Jacques Toubon, ex-French minister and Secretary of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Independence; Philippe Sainteny, french journalist, co-author of the documentary series « Afrique(s), une autre Histoire du XXème siècle »; Falila Gbadamassi, journalist at; Léonora Miano, a writer from Cameroon (Prize « Goncourt des lycéens » 2006)  and Marie-Roger Biloa, journalist at Africa International
Recently, TV5Monde also mentioned that it breaks audience records in Brazzaville.
The French-speaking channel tops international channels for notoriety and audience according to a survey by TNS Sofrès.
In Brazzaville, TV5Monde’s weekly cumulated audience reached 73,9 % of the population aged 15+ and 93,5 % of top managers. Each day, one inhabitant out of two is reported to be watching TV5Monde; a 44.4% cumulated audience among people aged 15 and above.

TV5Monde’s global notoriety reaches 96.3% among the 15+ demo, which is very close to that of Kinshasa where the channel is carried on a terrestrial network. In Brazzaville, TV5Monde positions in third place after national channel Télé Congo and private channel DRTV.