DStv On Demand CatchUp and Series Recording Service Now on HD PVR 2P Decoders


MultiChoice announced that its DStv On Demand CatchUp and series recording services are now available on the HD PVR 2P decoders. As of 9 December 2010, all DStv Premium Subscribers with HD PVR 2P decoders and a PVR subscription will also have access to the “DStv On Demand CatchUp”, as well as the series recording feature. Premium subscribers with 4-tuner HD PVRs and SD PVRs already have access to the service. This service is offered to Premium subscribers at no additional cost.

DStv On Demand offers a variety of general entertainment, sport and actuality programming on the CatchUp service. The programmes are available within 24 hours after first being broadcast on DStv and are normally available for viewing for a full 7 days thereafter. The CatchUp service is also available online at dstv.com with up to 80 hours of programming and movies.

The content on DStv On Demand does not have advert breaks, giving subscribers a quick and convenient way to catch up on their favourite series and sports programmes.

For DStv On Demand schedules or for more information about the online DStv On Demand offering, go to www.dstv.com