Gambia: Ben TV Presenter Optimistic country’s investment prospects


Gambia got a tap on the back from Gambian-born Waka Jagne, who runs the famous "Talk Senegambia Show" on Ben Television, a UK-based black and ethnic-oriented diverse and cosmopolitan channel. The Talk Senegambia show anchorman Waka Jagne disclosed that they were in The Gambia to do a documentary about the country, which will be featured on Ben Television in the United Kingdom.

He said: "We came to The Gambia to do a documentary and the idea is to promote the country, especially its tourism sector. We have also worked with part of the private sector and we conducted interviews with some ministers such as Trade and Tourism. We want the outside world to know more about The Gambia. So the documentary is for people out there to know that it is safe here, very stable and a peaceful country. And we have infrastructures that are very good. There are lots of developments - we have electricity 24 hours, the roads are in good shape."

Jagne explained that the developments highlighted are the essential things that will make investors to come, and stressed that this is one of the reasons for the documentary. He further hinted that the documentary is also aimed at assuring Gambians in the Diaspora that they can come back after the completion of their education and partake in the development of their country as there are job opportunities. He opined that such an initiative will also encourage other Gambians who have some capital in Europe to come back and invest, given the fact that developing the country cannot solely rest on the hands of the government.

The Gambian-born UK based television star concluded by disclosing that his "Talk Senegambia Show," highlights culture and tradition including music and the achievements of the Senegambia region, especially The Gambia.