Uganda: Pay TV Services Get to Mobile Phone


For decades, a number of technological innovations have been undertaken to ease access to information through use of phones, desk top computers, laptops and radios.
With the advent of pay digital television services into Uganda, a new era of phone aided mobile television is taking hold.

All that is required of a subscriber is having a TV receiver dual sim card phone, so that one card provision is for telephone service provider and the other for the pay TV operator.

Some of the broadcasting technology incoming will also enable people watch television on computers and monitors installed in vehicles.

In addition to mobility, mobile TV delivers a variety of services including video-on-demand, traditional/linear and live TV programmes.

Another exciting opportunity for users is mobile TV pod casts, where content is delivered to a user's mobile on demand or by subscriptions. Stored locally on the handset, this content can then be viewed even when there's no network connection. And a service provider can schedule the delivery to "off-peak" hours, like in the night.