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Technology & Convergence

- In Kenya, media owners have suspended provision of their broadcast content to the State broadcaster for digital TV testing. The broadcasters had been asked by the government to offer content for digital testing to KBC, through a subsidiary company, Signet (which will eventually create more than 600 channels). However, according to MOA, the government breached the public-private partnership arrangement, by allowing unlicensed broadcasters, mostly foreign-owned, to offer pay channels, by hiring digital frequencies on the test platform from KBC. "Digital frequencies are a limited resource and priority should be given to free-to-air channels, to encourage take up of digital TV without putting a monthly financial burden on viewers who already have to bear the cost of acquiring a set top box," the statement added. The media owners accused the government of giving preferential treatment to foreign broadcasters and ignoring the long list of free-to-air local broadcasters who had applied for frequencies. The migration process is expected to be completed by 2012.