South Africa: SABC1 announces highlights for January 2011


SABC1 has announced the highlights of the season starting in January 2011:

Soul Buddyz 5: Monday 10 Jan @ 19:00
An exciting, positive and up-beat drama series detailing the lives and challenges of a group of teenaged friends – the Soul Buddyz!  The stories are educational with an entertainment element focusing on a National Dance Competition in which the Buddyz participate for a final prize. The series showcases their journey as individuals and as a team - highlighting their joys, pain, challenges and triumphs along the way! One of the setbacks they experience is how alcohol is used by one of their members, undermining their cohesion as a group and dealing with a difficult issue of how to stop the sale of alcohol at their school.

One Day Leader: Tuesday 11 Jan @ 18:30
One Day Leader is a reality format that aims to identify and develop young leaders between the ages of 18 and 25, while engaging the public and creating awareness around critical social and economic issues. South Africa needs strong leadership to address its many social issues, not only now, but well into the future. One Day Leader aims not at criticising current leaders or forms of leadership but to encourage young and bright minds to come up with innovative ways of addressing issues.

Pathfinders (A 2-part documentary series) Tuesday 11 & 18 Jan @ 21:00
Part 1: Gogo's Heart
A group of elderly women in Alexandra are re-inventing community relations in the wake of the devastation left behind by HIV/AIDS. The documentary profiles the work done by Rose Letwaba and a group of gogo's from Alexandra.

Part 2: The Making of Our FatherThe documentary details the work in progress of an inter-generational dialogue project entitled "Our Father." Our Father is the attempt by five artists to collaborate on individual narratives detailing metaphorical and literal journeys in search and exploration of their fathers. In some cases their fathers are alive and in other they are not, and yet still others have never even known their fathers. Through art they have decided to unpack the nature and impact of their relationships or lack thereof with their fathers to see what it means to them as young men and as artists.

The Game 3: Friday 21 Jan @ 20:30

The Game stars Tia Mowry as Melanie Barnett, a young, intelligent medical student, who is also the girlfriend of an eager rookie football player, Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall). Melanie decides to pass on her chance at attending Johns Hopkins Medical School to be with Derwin after he is recently chosen to play for the San Diego Sabres as the new third-string wide receiver. As Melanie tries to adjust to her new lifestyle, she meets Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson), single mother and manager of Malik Wright (Hosea Chanchez) who is a charming star quarterback for the San Diego Sabres and Kelly Pitts (Brittany Daniel), the wife of Jason Pitts (Coby Bell) who is a thrifty star player. With the help of Tasha and Kelly Melanie learns how the game is played amongst the women behind the athletes.  Created by Mara Brock Akil.

Friends Like These: Saturday 22 Jan @ 18:30
A game show that is all about testing friendships and finding out what makes them tick! The show has an appeal that cuts across age, gender and race differences, thus capturing the imagination of Mzansi viewers from all backgrounds. 5 male and 5 female contestants battle it out every week for the chance to play face-to-face to win the holiday of a lifetime.  

The Unit 3: Monday 24 Jan @ 22:00
The Unit is a covert team of US Special Forces operatives who undertake missions around the world. Bob Brown is the newcomer who joins Jona's team and they set out to rescue European businessmen who have been hijacked by terrorists. Meanwhile, Bob's wife, Kim, is struggling with how much control the Unit has over her personal life.  Cast: Regina Tayor, Dennis Haysbert, Max Martini, Scott Foley, Audrey Anderson, Abby Brammell, Robert Patrick, Demore Barnes, Michael Irby, Alyssa Shafer. Written by David Mamet.

50 Years of Love: 25 Jan @ 21:00
This documentary takes a close look at the institution of marriage, its relevance in today's society and exceptional people that have survived it for over 50 years. Feeling that marriage is one subject for which people are poorly prepared by most societies, a filmmaker couple set out around the world to have an honest look at marriage beyond the honeymoon and the "happily ever after" clichés. Only then will they decide whether or not to take the giant step themselves. A heart-warming story that questions without disrespecting the different types of marriages from the "usual" to arranged marriages and traditional polygamous marriages.

Dance to Fame: Thursday 27 Jan @ 19:00
The 13-episode show celebrates the inspiration and excitement behind the world of street dance as it presents the once-in-a-lifetime chance for audience members to Dance to Fame. Four of SA's most talented dance groups will be selected to compete in this dance battle, putting all they have on the floor as they fight for the title of SA's best dance crew and a R100 000 prize money!