Cinemas for Africa launches a fund to renovate Soudan Ciné in Bamako as a pilot


Cinemas in Africa have been closing down one after the other over the last twenty years. Today, many countries have only one working cinema left. The Association ‘Cinemas for Africa’ - launched in 2009 over FESPACO at the initiative of the Mauritian film maker Abderrahmane Sissako - has been commissioned to back the renovation of Cinemas on the continent and work towards getting them up and running again.

Abderrahamane Sissako reported that in Bamako, 30 movie theatres have been sold and some of them converted into other types of business. The « groupe Tomota », owner of Cinema « Ciné Soudan »,  has asked Sissako, to find an idea to renovate the
Building. “Les inRocks“ reported that in Senegal, Cameroun and in Madagascar, cinema theatres have been closed down.

The Association has launched a subscription campaign amongst public and private contributors. The collection of funds, in the form of a symbolic sale of cinema seats, will contribute to the renovation of the Soudan Ciné in Bamako (Mali) the Association’s pilot project.

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