Nigeria: NBC Blames Parties

Regulation & Policy

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has blamed political parties for the poor representation they receive from state broadcast stations. NBC's Head of Public Affairs Awwalu Salihu said refusal of aggrieved parties to report to the Commission when fair representation is not given to them does not help the commission in its quest to solve the problem.

"If any station goes off course, it is left to the aggrieved parties to report to the commission and we will follow it up. But the biggest problem we have is that they never complain, some will rather go to the media and castigate us," he said.

While stating that the commission had given each broadcast station political guidelines, he said letters had also been written to the stations to this effect, telling them that all parties need to be represented fairly.

"This however does not mean equal airtime for everyone because some political parties are bigger than others," he said. He said the commission in conjunction with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was planning a political summit in this month where all parties and broadcast stations would be involved.
"It is hoped that the issue of poor representation amongst others will be resolved at the end of the summit", he said.