Senegal: Switching from analogue to digital TV signal


With the transition from analogue to digital, Senegalese audiovisual media should be prepared to make more local content, the Senegalese Minister of Communication and Telecommunication, Moustapha Guirassy said in Daka.

With the digital transition deadline set for June 2015 for the whole of Africa, "we must prepare for a content battle" he said. Guirassy was speaking during a meeting between the president and members of the Council of broadcasters and newspaper editors in Senegal (CDEP).

Guirassy invited concerned media to develop new programs in perspective, to allow expression of "cultural ethos" of Senegal, from new opportunities, including technology, created by the digital switchover.  The Ministry of Communication has to work together in the short and medium term on other topics including television rights, the digitization of archival sound and cable, he added.

Among other projects already undertaken by his department, he cited the new "consensual» press code, the Public Information Act and the construction of the Press House, which should be approved soon.