Nigeria: new media, new ideas, new possibilities at BobTV 2011

Technology & Convergence

Digital Broadcasting is upon us and with a vengeance. High Definition, Broadband, Digital terrestrial Broadcasting, IPTV and Mobile. BOBTV 2011 will mark the eighth edition of the African Film and Television Programmes Expo and Market. The theme Chosen for 2011 is 'New Media'. This reflects the realities of the convergence enabled by digital delivery channel that have redefined the media content industry.

Each year, BobTV welcomes visitors and delegates from all over the world, to a five-day fiesta, of premieres, workshops, conferences, markets and shows. We are happy with the attendance figures at the 7th market. BobTV 2010 attracted a total of 3,704 delegates, a seven per cent increase in comparison to 2009. This figure was surpassed only once before in the history of the market, when 4,786 participants attended in 2007. Participating companies were at a record of 58, from 13 different countries - an 11 per cent increase when compared to 45 companies from the previous year. Also, the good news for producers was that there were 350 acquisition heads in comparison to 2009 and the number of buyers present in Abuja posted a rise of seven per cent.