In Dakar, Senegal, President Abdoulaye Wade was present at a meeting with the “Conseil des diffuseurs et éditeurs de presse du Sénégal (CDEPS)”, mid-Jan 2011. He asked Senegalese televisions to "moderate the broadcast of some dances that border on obscenity" and to refocus on information, education and life’s realities.

In Tunisia, Hannibal TV’s owner and his son have been released on Jan 25 2011. Larbi Nasra, who founded private television channel Hannibal TV wondered out loud why his TV channel had been shut down. He said the key objectives of his channel was to participate in the liberalization of information in Tunisia, to get closer to the average citizen and to address social issues. His channel has now resumed broadcasting.

Management of Osun State Broadcasting Corporation (OSBC) has directed its Director of News, Radio Services, Smollete Shittu-Alamu, to proceed on an indefinite suspension without pay for anchoring what was tagged “embarrassing news” to the state government.