The Angolan Institute of Cinema rounds up its activities in 2010


In Luanda, the activities of the Angolan Institute of Cinema, Audio-visual and Multimedia (IACAM) in 2010 were marked by a strong personnel training component and concerted actions in the promotion of the national cinema, with the stress going on the Luanda Cinema International Fair (FIC) held on November 19-26, 2010. Simao Souindoula, Historian and Art Critic, Fellow of the Scientist Committee of World Festival of Negro Arts in Luanda (Angola) provided a year in review.

Training and promotion of cinema were top of IACAM activities in 2010.
According to IACAM programme of activities, the institution secured audio-visual training of more than 100 professionals in the various fields of the so-called seventh art.

As an example, the institution ran a scriptwriting course from August 1 to November 15, 2010 in Luanda, with the participation of 50 professionals.
In addition, IACAM ran the second seminar on "The relevance of the anthropological studies in Angola”, from March 6-7, in south-western Namibe province.
The programme gathered researchers in the fields of social science, particularly anthropology, with debates on the state of anthropological studies in Angola, its importance and perspective.

In a separate note, it was reported that Angolan Mass Media minister, Carolina Cerqueira, start of February 2011 in northern Malanje province urged for a greater rigour in management of technical and administrative equipments of Television Station (TPA) production centre in the province.