Broadcast - In Brief


At the end of 2010, Africa 24 claims to officially be the first global TV channel for information especially via its satellite channel - most watched channel in Francophone Africa. This is quite an achievement after only one year in existence.

Pan-African radio station, Africa No. 1, transmitting from Libreville and Moyabi, celebrated its thirtieth anniversary on Monday, February 7, 2011. Born from the will of the late President Omar Bongo, in 1981 in partnership with France, Africa No. 1 has undergone a restructuring in 2008 and is now 52% owned by Libyan Jamahiriya Broadasting (LBJ), the Gabonese government (30%) and private entities. It was marked by the arrival of new segments other than broadcasting in French with English, Arabic and Swahili languages, as well as new programs in a competitive environment where RFI and BBC stations and even mobile devices appear to have altered Africa’s listening patterns over the last decade.