Japanese NHK attended DISCOP Accra for the first time


NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) and NHK Enterprises (NEP) attended DISCOP Africa for the first time from Japan. NHK, Japan's sole public broadcaster, has a high reputation for quality programs in almost every genre, and NHK Enterprises, NHK's international business arm, brought a catalogue of over 1,000 titles of NHK programs.

"The African market is still new to us, so I look forward to building new relationships and to seeking a better understanding of the needs and trends in the African market. I'm keen to see how our poplar series like "Wildlife (nature documentary)","Discover Science (science entertainment)", and "Samurai 7 (animation)" will do here," said sales representative Miho Yoshimasu.

Naoji Ono, President and CEO of NHK Enterprises, Inc. (NEP) explained that the company produces a wide range of programs for TV and radio and also meets image and content needs in such diverse fields as Hagetaka: The Movie, events like Tokyo Jazz, and DVD and character goods sales.

NHK Enterprises was merged with International Media Corporation (MICO) in April, 2010 with the goal of reinforcing its international reach in diverse operations from the overseas sales of programs and goods to joint international program productions.

The complete digitalization of Japan’s terrestrial TV services is due in 2011 and NHK Enterprises’ new ‘Three-Year Corporate Plan’ sets the goal of development as a new type of corporation, a provider of comprehensive “content-related services” for the digital age. The company will continue to strengthen our powers of planning, development and production for the digital age, supporting public broadcasting services and simultaneously seeking to maximize the value of “contents” through sales and applications.

NEP revenue in 2010 amounted 47.0 billion yen and the company employs about 500 people.

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