TV set makers addressing new opportunities in emerging markets


Global shipments of 3D TV sets in 2010 are expected to total 3.2 million worldwide, according to DisplaySearch.The findings from the Q4 report include: in the global broadcast environment, South African countries have opted to jump straight to the latest DVB-T2 broadcast standard.

Globally, DisplaySearch forecasts that almost 20 million TV sets will ship with DVB-T2 decoding in 2015; 21% of all TVs shipped in 2010 are forecast to have internet connectivity. This category is forecast to grow to over 122 million in 2014, with emerging markets providing a significant portion of the growth as broadband adoption surges.

TV set makers are addressing the new opportunities in emerging markets for flat panel TVs, with TV products being launched that are customised to consumers in these regions. Low power consumption, resilience to electricity supply failure, robust reception and different local preferences are being actualized in new TV models.

Competitive pressures in the industry are rapidly making 3D a compulsory feature, according to DisplaySearch, who forecast nearly 18 million 3D sets will be shipped in 2011, rising to over 91 million in 2014.