TV5Monde continues to innovate with more focus on Africa


Over the last few years, Television in Africa has become more due to the arrival of new private channels. But the competition will reached an unprecedented level by 2015 when governments will switch the DTT button, and when telcos and cable operators will start to offer multi-play packs - which will include TV.

In the meantime African TV stations such as TV5 Monde are trying to bring innovations and differentiate themselves to keep their audiences high on the continent and among the Diaspora. After a launching a web portal dedicated to Africa, TV5Monde broadcasts new programmes focused on Africa.

‘Quoi de neuf doc ?’ (what’s up doc?) programme provided a series of  tips to improve health standards in Africa.

"Maghreb-Orient-Express", a special TV news edition from TV5Monde was broadcast on Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 20:00 (Paris time) on TV5Monde France, Belgium and Switzerland. The programme provided a review of the recent crisis in Egypt. Will President Mubarak give in to pressure from the street and from diplomatic mainly coming from the United States? After the revolution in Tunisia, shall we expect the beginnings of an "Arab Spring"?

Guests on the set of the mag were Paula Jacques, born in Cairo, writer and radio host, author of " Kayro Jacobi, juste avant l"oubli"; Robert Solé, journalist and writer of Egyptian origin, author of "An Evening in Cairo"; Walid Mattar, Tunisian director, author of the film " Condamnations", and with duplex in Cairo, with Nadia Kamel, Egyptian filmmaker, author of "House Salad".
Presented by Mohamed Kaci with Paul Germain as the Editor in Chief, the mag is 26 ' long.

The Channel also broadcast an interview with Boutros Boutros-Ghali on developments in Egypt.

As part of FESPACO 2011, TV5Monde will broadcast a 52 'documentary called «Ouaga Paradiso" on Tuesday 1st March 2011 at17:00 on TV5Monde France, Belgium, Switzerland and at FESPACO 2011. For the last 40 years Ouagadougou has been hosting the largest African film festival, FESPACO. This documentary reflects the reality of African cinema through the lives of four filmmakers -Boubakar Diallo, Emmanuel Rotoubam, Carine Sawadogo, and Kouka Aimé Zongo- who struggle every day with passion and determination to release their films. A new wind blowing across the African film ...The film directed by Thierry Robert, includes the following authors: Thierry Robert, Chim Yong and Alix Bayle. Narrated by Soro Solo, it was produced by ‘The Good Guest’.