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Regulation & Policy

A new report on public broadcasting in Nigeria launched by Open Society Institute and Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project (AfriMAP) has revealed that lack of public broadcasting media reforms poses a threat to democratic progress. A statement by the group noted that there is little or no political commitment to address policy gaps regarding the creation of a truly public broadcaster, frequency management and national community radios. It said this has resulted in a situation where more than 100 radio and television stations, which have been granted licences to operate in the country, continue to exist in a vacuum. (3 February 2011).

In Algeria, where demonstrations have been banned, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika was quoted by stated news agency as saying that the state of emergency will be lifted, without mentioning a date. The country’s media landscape may also be revisited since state owned radio and TV stations do not allow even legal opposition party leaders to discuss the country’s problems. Source: Redouane Benmehdi, 2 Feb. 2011 in