Kenyan Film Commission looks to up jobs and turnover of country’s film industry


The film industry in Kenya has been identified as a key growth industry with great potential to spur economic growth and help in the realization of vision 2030 through tourist attraction, investment and employment creation. Currently the film industry is generating over Ksh.3 billion annually. However, when performing optimally the film industry can generate over Ksh.40 billion and create more than 250,000 jobs annually. Specifically, Kenya will realize the following economic benefits as a result a vibrant film industry:

• More tourists due to the country appearing constantly on screens around the world;
• Positioning the country at the centre of the world's spreading technological revolution;
• Attracting significant levels of foreign spending on services in the country;
• Providing employment and training opportunities in the audiovisual sector;
• Ever growing film industry due to proper regulation and coordination
• Boosting the domestic film and television industrial infrastructure by encouraging film production.

The Kenyan landscape has graced the silver screen for over fifty years; from 1950's King Solomon's mines to the 2005 box-office hit The Constant Gardener. The lush Ngong Highlands, seen in Sydney Pollack's Oscar winning out of Africa to the arid Shaba reserves outwitted and outlasted in 'Survivor 3: Africa' show case Kenya's versatile landscapes that offer a great scope of filming locations. The producers of 'Survivor: Africa' felt that Kenya offers a perfect combination of beautiful locale, natural light, an array of wildlife and a beautiful people all set in adventurous territory.

The Proposed programme of support for Kenya's Film Industry comprises a series of support measures for that focus on training local professionals, developing production projects, promoting films and audiovisual programmes, and supporting film festivals.
More information on The Kenya Film Commission website here