AiM Film Festival 2011: Focus on Children and Youth in African Cinema


Now that 2010’s celebrations are over, organisers of AiM in Edinburgh are in the planning stages of the next Africa in Motion Film Festival to be held from Thursday 27 October to Sunday 6 November 2011. The festival came of age in 2010, as it celebrated its fifth anniversary. This year, at the sixth edition, organisers want to take a closer look at how children and youth are treated in African cinematic storytelling. The deadline for entries is 31 May 2011.

Africa in Motion 2011 will focus its main attention on films and events that open doors to children and youth in Africa. This theme was selected because the children and youth of Africa play such a crucial part in the continent’s future. Organisers will be looking at representations for, by and about children and young people in the rural areas and the urban centres of Africa. Film screenings and complementary events at the 2011 festival will deal with many aspects relating to children and youth in Africa: education, entertainment, popular and youth culture (including music, fashion, sport etc.), stories, myths and fairytales, toys, animation, games, the future, as well as children’s responsibilities, freedom and rights, and issues affecting children in Africa such as child labour, child soldiers, circumcision, and rites of passage.

AiM organisers are inviting African filmmakers to submit feature-length films related to the theme of children and youth. AiM will also be hosting its annual short film competition for the fourth time this year, inviting young and emerging African filmmakers to enter their short films for the chance to win a substantial cash prize. For further information on these calls for entries please check the website homepage.

AiM can programme special screenings and events for the schools or work with teachers to offer films and workshops on Africa-related themes. Please get in touch with festival director Stefanie Van de Peer at, or on 07743790995. Africa in Motion 2011’s full programme will be announced in early September this year.