Broadcast - In Brief


In South Africa, Treasury has allocated R1.192 billion to the Department of Communications to fund a new television network and subsidise set-top boxes for the poor over the next three years. The figures are contained in the 2011 Estimates of National Expenditure. Treasury has allocated a total of R690 million to subsidise set-top boxes in the next three years, and almost R622 million for Sentech to upgrade its network to broadcast in digital. Sentech is expected to have covered 96% of SA in anticipation of analogue switch-off in 2013. It should reach 60% of population coverage by the end of March 2011. Sentech was allocated R110 million for dual illumination during the current financial year that is due to end. In the new year, the state signal provider has been allocated R120 million. It has not been allocated further funding for dual illumination after the 2011/12 financial year. The state entity was allocated a total of R501 million for the next three years to deploy a digital television network. Treasury allocated R159 million in the new financial year and R167 million in the 2012/13 year. In 2013/14, the final year included as part of government's three-year medium-term framework, Sentech has been allocated R176.1 million.

Africa Monitor reported that Ivory Coast state television has lost what little subtlety it once had and transformed into the communications arm of Laurent Gbagbo's desperate government. Gbagbo cranks propaganda machine into full gear, more details here:

FIFA says it made 452 million Euros in profit from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, according to published accounts. Total European TV sales for the 2010 World Cup were 934 million Euros, and North America contributed 148 million Euros.