A24 Media launches Africa’s Voice programme


On the audiovisual side, A24 Media is a popular distributor of video material about Africa that reflects what it sees as the true nature of the continent. It has just launched a weekly programme called Africa's Voice which Farah Chadhry, COO of A24 Media talks about in this interview produced by Russell Southwood, CEO of Balancing Act:
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Africa's Voice is a weekly, half hour show covering unique stories packaged in a nice and authentic way. Topics varies a lot, from lifestyle to fashion, wild life, pictures etc.
It comes with a broadcast and an internet version. The net version includes video extracts for each show to make it more dynamic. The company is now in the process of marketing the show to broadcasters.

The first pilot has been very successful. It can be delivered to broadcasters anywhere in the world on a weekly or monthly basis. The company has over 5000 broadcasters on its database. A24 Media sends them weekly emails complemented with regular phone or face to face interactions so that the agency can best customised content packages for broadcast clients.

As a content producer, A24 Media content in a non-exclusive way. The economic model is 60/40 in favour of the content contributor. African content providers can use A24 Media as an additional platform to get extra revenues for the content they produce.