ACPFilms inaugurates its free legal assistance service for all cinema and audiovisual professionals

Regulation & Policy

"Knowledge of legal principles applicable and the use of complete and properly drawn up contracts are prerequisites to the success of an activity like cinema and audiovisual production. Incomplete knowledge of the law applicable can impoverish the companies concerned. Likewise, a badly drafted contract is often a source of litigation. Litigation is a waste of time and money for the company, whose survival can be threatened as a result." Michel Gyory – legal expert ACPFilms

The legal assistance service is provided by the Gyory law firm in Brussels (Belgium). It includes a "Guide to copyright and cinema and audiovisual contracts" for cinema and audiovisual professionals and their advisers. This Guide presents a number of basic elements of the cinema and audiovisual industry with which professionals must be familiar.The Guide is freely accessible to all professionals on and will be updated regularly.

The Guide is matched with an online personalised legal service in the form of consultations or legal opinions, plus support during contractual negotiations of all types (transfer of copyright, distribution, coproduction, etc.). All legal assistance expenses are covered by the ACPFilms Programme up to the limit of a half-day's services for a consultation or an opinion and two days of support for contractual negotiations. The service is accessible on the ACPFilms website using a secure link that guarantees confidentiality and respect of professional secrecy for applicants.

The ACPFilms Programme is implemented by the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States and financed by the European Union's European Development Fund. The philosophy of the legal assistance service is based on fair and balanced cooperation by the parties in the interest of their common project and the development of a cinema and audiovisual industry that reflects cultural diversity. The aim is to prevent to the greatest extent possible any sources of litigations in contracts signed in the context of the production or exploitation of works. In cases where such litigations nevertheless occur, the aim is to ensure that the contract provides for a proper and legal settlement. To all ACP and European professionals: the online legal service is now available.
Michel Gyory
Lawyer at the Brussels Bar
Tel: 32/2/345.39.73
Moussa Sawadogo
Management and Communication
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