Launch extension for South Africa’s Super 5 pay-TV company


A revised pay-TV service launch date of August 2011 has been agreed by Super 5 Media – the company formerly known as Telkom Media – and the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).

This is the latest in a growing line of extensions for Super 5 Media, which was initially expected to be in commercial operation a year ago, and has since received two previous revised launch timelines. The company had applied for an individual communications network service (I-ECNS) license, so that it could provide its own service distribution network.

The last extension, given in August 2010, was granted by ICAS because Super 5 Media argued its license had not been finalised, causing a delay to the service start date - according to local publication My Broadband News. However, Super 5 Media reportedly declined to comment on the company’s future, despite speculation that the company had suffered financial difficulties.

Meanwhile, an ICASA statement said: “The Authority decided to grant Super 5 Media an extension after taking into account the submission made by the company to the Authority regarding the matter.” ICASA also confirmed it expects the company to launch on or before the date of the latest extension.