launches in June 2011 with 500 VoD titles on non-exclusive basis

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African films producers have often found it hard to get global distribution. The low road through international film festivals and the high road through attending Cannes (see Distribution below) are both time-consuming and expensive. Now the digital revolution offers film-makers the opportunity to reach out globally to both the African diaspora and all those interested in movies from the continent. VoD platforms offer this new opportunity to African film makers. With the arrival of more international cables landing in Africa from now to 2015, there will be a nascent and growing VoD market on the African continent.

Sylvain Béletre from Balancing Act interviewed CEO, Enrico Chiesa who confirmed that its new “100% Africa VoD” global online solution will include a catalogue of 500 African film titles –about 400 hours worth of movies. Chiesa also confirmed that the site’s final version should hopefully be ready around June 2011.

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The catalogue includes all kinds of audiovisual content such as feature films, TV series and soaps, documentaries, animations, concerts and cartoons. Content selected focuses on both ‘made in Africa’ and African Diaspora’s films.

The African video-on-demand internet platform with its headquarters in Dakar, Senegal, aims to help African film makers, producers and distributors disseminate their content globally and provide more visibility for Africa’s film-makers. The initiative's main sponsor is ACPFilms, the ACP-EU co-operation programme to support the cinema and audiovisual sector in ACP countries.

This 100% legal, commercial platform is available worldwide and guarantees fair revenue to African filmmakers and producers with a share of either 50% or 65% of all VoD revenues to them. Rights owners will have the ability to track payment live through an online platform.

" state of the art site is very transparent and straight forward. It is commercial, durable and the focus is on the African filmmaker. Right holders get a fair revenue, have online access to the back office and the cession of rights is non-exclusive.”

“…Rights’ owners can build their own VoD website and add their content through’s simple template solution. breaks barriers for Africans and facilitates purchasing their personalised url at the best price. With the option to build this personalised boutique, film makers will insure that they get more revenues – 65% of their VoD sales.” said CEO, Enrico Chiesa.

Before the official launch, take a look at

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