Burkina Faso: encouraging better quality broadcast and film output


Burkina Faso is in search of the best media productions. This is the topic of a State’s press release placing the importance and implications of "Galian" rates established in 1998 in order to reward media professionals.

In 1997, the government of Burkina Faso decided to set up "Galian” prizes to encourage better productions. The purpose of this competition was to promote the various print and broadcast media in Burkina Faso. The first edition of this competition for excellence took place in 1998.

Since then, every year, "Galian Prizes" reward the best works in radio, television and newspapers in the major genres but also in media creation and advertising. The event is also an opportunity for departments, institutions and associations to promote media outlets’ leaders and expertise through the prizes given.

For the state’s Department of Communication, having professional media is a requirement for providing quality information. It is also a key milestone to consolidating democracy and, therefore, safeguarding social peace in the country.

The launch of the 2011 "Galian" Prize, the 14th edition, confirms the commitment of Burkina Faso’s Government to assist the media in its ongoing quest for professionalism. The success of this competition for excellence relies on the support of media and communication players. Therefore, the Burkinabe media professionals are invited to submit their works before the deadline of April 12, 2011.

Each edition is awarded to media players by a mix of public and private institutions. As such, organisers publish a list of donors that have accompanied the edition. In 2011, it will take place on May 6th.