Steps International will commission 30 shorts on Why Poverty?


Steps International is commissioning thirty short films as part of the global documentary series Why Poverty? It is looking for films from all over the world that give insight into what people are doing to get out of poverty, and films that engage a wide range of audiences encouraging debate.

The films need to be high concept, innovative and provocative. The stories should give a fresh perspective on poverty, not be predictable or simply depict the woes of the world.

•    length: There are three lengths for the short films: 1 to 2 minutes – 10 films. Inventive, viral films for use on the internet and mobile platforms: 7 to 10 minutes – 10 films - Films that challenge perceptions of poverty and its representation: 15 to 20 minutes – 10 films. Films that tackle solutions to poverty and create understanding: Short Film Brief

•    budget: Financing will be considered according to proposal and treatment. Budgets will be assessed film by film, up a maximum of: €6,000 for the viral shorts, €20,000 for the 10 minute shorts, and €40,000 for the 20 minute shorts.

•    format: preferred shooting and production format is HD. Other formats may be accepted according to availability of equipment and facilities.

•    rights: All rights will be held by Steps International for use on multiple platforms. Filmmakers will have non-exclusive access to the completed production.

•    timeline: Submissions from 25 March - 1 June 2011. Production from July 2011 to April 2012.

•    submissions: Proposals should be in English and include a ten line synopsis, a full treatment, filmmaker and production company biography, budget, and schedule. A link to viewing material should be included in the proposal.

Submissions to be sent via Why Poverty Website under short films.

Broadcast: “Why Poverty” will be broadcast globally at the end of November 2012, and includes 8 long films, 30 short films, radio, print and online media. Click here to view website.