Regulation & Policy - In Brief

Regulation & Policy

- In Kenya, Daily Nation reported that court cases on the switch from analogue to digital television have derailed the issuing of broadcast licences to investors. Investors seeking radio and TV licences will have to wait until a string of court cases challenging its new regulations are determined, according to Communications Commission of Kenya director-general Charles Njoroge. Similarly, the process of shifting from analogue to digital television has made the Commission stop issuing fresh licences until the infrastructure is in place. The Ministry of Information and Communication's role in the implementation of the new Constitution, Njoroge said CCK was not issuing any licences at the moment. The digital broadcast signal was switched on in Kenya in December 2009 and is currently available in Nairobi and its environs through a platform operated by Signet -- a subsidiary of State-owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. Information minister Samuel Poghisio said that the critical legal framework would be required in the new Constitution.

- In Togo, media outlets protested to demand the re-opening of three radio stations. Most privately-owned radio stations and newspapers in Lome suspended their normal activities in March 2011 in protest against the continued closure of three radio stations since December 2010.

- On 5 April 2011, HRW reported that in the past year, the Moroccan government has closed down the Morocco operations of Al Jazeera television after revoking the accreditation of seven of its journalists, made it impossible for a Rabat-based correspondent for a Spanish daily to work in the country, and delayed for three months the re-accreditation of the Morocco correspondent for the London-based Al-Quds al-Arabi.

- In Conakry, Guinea, president Alpha Conde pledged to give substantial resources to Justice so that ‘judges become fully independent vis-à-vis money '. Moved by the screening of a 15-minute film on the state of Justice in Guinea, the president decided to take strong action.