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Technology & Convergence

- End of March 2011, Alcatel-Lucent announced that it had been selected by MTN Nigeria for the transformation of the operator’s DSL access and aggregation network. The vendor’s solution will enable MTN Nigeria to cost-effectively transform its TDM-based transport network into an all-IP powered network, helping the company to realise a simplified, lower cost, highly scalable infrastructure that will grow alongside the firm. Alcatel-Lucent’s IP/MPLS-based solution will also enable the operator to generate new revenue streams by leveraging broadband IP to deliver video-rich content and multimedia data services.

- After offering 35 mm films and DVDs online, Cine3Mondes has launched its VoD offer 12 months ago. Since then, VoD traffic figures are small but growing and in total, around 100 African titles are proposed. This includes a mix of long feature films and documentaries. VoD viewing prices vary between 2 and 5 Euros. The difference with several other video websites is that films rights are not limited geographically. Cine3Mondes has global rights for its entire films’ catalogue, negotiated with Mnet. All films are in French or in Original Versions with French sub-titles. A teacher can download a film by paying 2 more Euros and screen it in a classroom while respecting copyrights laws. Among its clients, the company serves American Universities. La Médiathèque des Trois Mondes has been on the market for 10 years. Url: Contact: La Médiathèque des Trois Mondes, 63 bis rue du Cardinal Lemoine 75005 Paris, Fance, Tél : 33 (0)1 42 34 99 00.