First Afrikaans comedy in production in decades


Filming is soon to begin on the first Afrikaans romantic comedy entitled Semi Soet and well known actors such as Anel Alexander, Nico Panagio, 7de Laan's Diaan Lawrenson, Sandra Vaughn and Paul du Toit will all be appearing in the film.

The story was penned by Sandra Vaughn, who also wrote this year's Getroud met Rugby, while Anel Alexander and her husband James will be producing. Joshua Rous will direct.

Filming is set to take place on the Vrede en Lust wine estate in the Cape before moving on to Johannesburg. The plot revolves around a woman named Jaci van Jaarsveld who is desperately trying to save her boutique advertising agency from the claws of a ruthless businessman known as "The Jackal".

Jaci hopes that an eminent wine estate-owning family with whom she could potentially land a massive contract can save her agency. Winning the contract is no easy feat, but Jaci will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She even persuades someone to act as her fiancé in order to impress her client. On the estate, however things between Jaci and her fake fiancé turn sour, with hilarious results.

"This will be the first Afrikaans romantic comedy in decades," said producers Anel and James Alexander. "We've assembled a great team of creative people from writers to actors to crew and are so excited about the way the team brings the story to life. Just watching the auditions had us rolling on the floor! We know that audiences are gonna love this aspirational, glitzy comedy with great characters, hysterical moments and an endearing storyline."

The script was written over a period of 18 months and the whole team is looking forward to begin production on Semi Soet. The movie will be filmed on location in Johannesburg as well as the Cape winelands and is set to be released in 2012.