outh Africa's 3D film ‘Jock of the Bushveld’ to go global


Local 3D film Jock of the Bushveld has been signed by a Hollywood-based distribution company which will see the film screened in the US and Europe later this year before it airs in South Africa. South Africa’s 3D animated movie Jock of the Bushveld will make its film debut in the USA and Europe later this year.

The film has just been signed to Visio’ Entertainment, a Hollywood-based marketing and distribution company created to support the independent film industry. Local producer Duncan MacNeillie, who recently returned from a visit to Los Angeles where he took the film to be viewed by international distributors, says: “We have always believed that this production had the potential to be an international success, but couldn’t test that potential until we had a product as close to complete as possible.”

The response was hugely positive: MacNeillie was asked to make certain detailed changes to the production – not on the storyline or characters - but to be more explicit on the narrative for a global audience. And there is now the possibility of additional big names joining the voiceover cast.

Visio’ Entertainment’s Dennis Rice, now executive producer on the Jock movie, was one of the chief architects in 2006 for campaigns that delivered the largest summer in Disney’s history. Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar’s Cars opened to $60 million and earned over $240 million in domestic box office.

Also, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest from producer Jerry Bruckheimer had a record setting $135 million opening weekend and went on to exceed over $1 billion in world wide box office, making it the biggest grossing motion picture in Disney’s history.

In 2007, Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner recruited Rice to team up with them to restart the legendary United Artists label as President of Worldwide Marketing and Publicity and in 2008 he started Visio' Entertainment.

MacNeillie says they would have liked to release the movie in South Africa first, keeping to the original release date in late March, but this cannot be achieved; the threat of piracy is greatly increased if the South Africa and US release dates are too far apart, and the first feasible release window in the States will be in the third quarter of this year.