Angers’ African Film Festival winners


Now in its thirteenth edition, ‘Cinémas d’Afrique’ Festival took place in Angers, France, from April 12 to 17 ended in a festive atmosphere, thanks to Congolese music band ‘Punta Negra’. The awards were presented during the closing ceremony at Angers’ Convention Center.

What participants remember from this thirteenth edition is the warm atmosphere that prevailed and the great relationships with the Africans attending. Before handing out the prizes, the organizers thanked the hundreds of volunteers without whom this festival could not take place. They also stressed the involvement of African filmmakers who shed more light on a continent that deserves it.

Two categories of prizes were awarded:

The public has awarded the prize for short films for « Tiraillement » (French for "Tearing") from Najwa Slama, a worthy representative of what some now call the "new" Tunisia.

The documentary film prize was awarded to Koukan Kourcia for "The cry of the dove" (« Le cri de la tourterelle ») from Sani Elhadji Magori, Niger.

The feature film prize was awarded "Teza" by Haile Gerima, Ethiopia.

In the best short film category, the ‘Youth Jury’ also awarded the prize for "Tearing" from Najwa Slama. The price of the feature film was awarded to the “Le poids du serment” (French for "The oath’s weight") from Kollo Daniel Sanou, Burkina Faso, a film that looks at the history of West Africa, caught between traditional religion, revealed religion and sect.

Organized by association “Cinémas et Cultures d’Afrique”, the festival is held every two years in Angers, at spring. It presents a selection of new films from the African continent. For each film a representative is invited in order to exchange information directly with the public.