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- In Madagascar, a new 120 episodes TV series called " Anjara sa safidy " has starting showing on TV. The first episode began on 2 May 2011 on national television and final outcome will be aired on late October. The series tells the story of two families, best friends, who then become ruthless rivals as a result of a rogue financial interest. According to an official of Acticom, the production company, the film was made using fairly consistent means. In total, forty actors and extras give life to the story.
For producers, the film aims to educate young Malagasy, highlighting several values and sins, so that each viewer can learn from life and society.
Source : L'Express de Madagascar

- The US Embassy in Angola and the Journalists Trade-union held a video conference on World Press Freedom's Day in Luanda, Angola, to be marked on 3 May 2011. Taking place in the conference hall of this Embassy, the event was animated in the form of a round table by the US lecturer, Elizabeth Bryant, according to a communiqué delivered to Angop. The event, besides the presence of U.S. Ambassador to Angola, Christopher McMullen, brought together professionals from various media organs and interested students. The United Nations has declared this year the date to be celebrated under the theme "The Media in the 21st Century: New Frontiers, New Barriers", which aims to reaffirm the fundamental principles of press freedom in the digital age.