Mauritania: TV5Monde is the most watched international channel


TV5Monde is the first international TV channel in Mauritania: more than half of all TV viewers watch the channel at least once a week (50.6%). In the country, TV5Monde is also the first international channel in terms of overall* awareness (88.2%) and of spontaneous* awareness (49.7%).
These results are significant in the context of increased competition with the neighbouring TV channels. TV5Monde spokesman also confirmed to Balancing Act that the station undertook a media communication campaign in Cameroon and in Burkina Faso over the course of Fespaco. The campaign included press inserts and outdoor posters.
TV5Monde's spokesman added that its WebTV dedicated to Africa – TV5Monde+Afrique - will celebrate its 1st. year anniversary on 25th. May 2011 and traffic to the channel continues to grow. TV5Monde’s websites recorded 8 million monthly visits on both and on its mobile version, TV5Monde+Afrique can be accessed here: