Zimbabwe: Government wants Botswana to close down Studio 7


11 May 2011: According to a report in the Government-owned Daily Herald, The Botswana Government has pledged to address the issue of Studio 7, broadcast by the Voice of America, into Zimbabwe. The Studio 7 transmitter is in Botswana.

Botswana Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, Mr Phandu Skelemani said he would engage the responsible minister to have the issue addressed. Skelemani said this in an interview with journalists soon after attending the 11th session of the Zimbabwe-Botswana Joint Permanent Commission in Harare.

"Everything that will have a negative impact on Zimbabwe and Botswana is subject to review. We can't have something that contradicts the spirit of our two countries," Skhelemani said. "I will discuss with the minister responsible. The minister is not here today."

The issue on media is one of the items listed in the communiqué signed by both countries yesterday as one area that needs co-operation. Skelemani said they had agreed during the Joint Commission meeting to deal with all impediments that might hinder co-operation between the two countries.