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One stepping stone from buying international content to producing more local content is the use of TV formats that have established themselves elsewhere. Reality and game shows have already established themselves in the market but there is a wider range of formats out there. Africa Interactive, a fast growing multimedia press and content agency in Africa, has put together some interesting TV formats aimed at the African market and Africa lovers globally. Sylvain Béletre from Balancing Act interviewed Pieter Van Twisk, CEO of Africa Interactive to find out more.

Q: You are entering the African TV market with some innovative TV formats: ’Taste Africa’ and ’Films & Stars Africa’. Could please tell us more?

A: We have developed different ideas for the African television market. Together with our partner FCCE  we are now talking to 35 African channels that have shown interest. ‘Films & Stars Africa’ is a weekly series which will deliver a true blend of films and lifestyle relevant to African audiences, showcasing the vibrant film industry of Hollywood, Nollywood and the rest of Africa.

Taste Africa is an infotainment audiovisual series on African cooking. The abundance of ingredients and the multitude of cultures form the main point for a spectacular show of tastes and dishes. With this program we want to broaden the culinary horizon of our viewers and boost creativity in the kitchens all over Africa. Watch the trailers here.

We also have something called ‘Aid or Trade’, a documentary series of fascinating stories from all over Africa of how people are improving their lives with creative commercial ventures.

Q: Who is your target audience?

A: These series are focused on the African market and specifically targeting the growing African middle class. More than 35 channels - six of which are Pan-African - in 17 counties either bought the series or showed interest. This will mean an estimated reach of around 50 million Africans in six months.

Q: What do you need in order to implement this project further?

A: For both series we are still looking for sponsors since African TV stations cannot afford to pay for the productions. Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to contact us: info(@)

Q: What is Africa Interactive’s core business?

A: Africa Interactive is a fast growing multimedia press and content agency focused on Africa, with 2000 local reporters in 50 African countries. Our reporters tell the African story in text, photo or video.

Whatever we do, it will always be in cooperation with our local experts. This way we combine the best of both worlds.  Our database contains filmmakers, journalists, photographers, stringers and marketing experts. We produce tailor made ‘High-end’ videos and ‘Simple Video Reports’ to showcase various activities in Africa.

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